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Your success is guaranteed with a custom tattoo. Our Hawaii Tattoo Shop is open from 10am to 10pm everyday and consists of two tattoo artists on staff. The owner/senior artist on staff Adam Siehr is recognized world wide; an avid member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists; The National Tattoo Association and is even featured in the This Week and Oahu Gold Magazines.   There is no job too big or too small at 434. Sensitive areas on the body? Consider Machine free application. No Power? No Problem at 434. Lets hear your story! Please come feel the vibes and ride that wave! Aloha, Mahalo, All that dakine.


Waikiki Tattoo shop. 434 Tattoo, One of the Leading Hawaii Tattoo studios. Located on 434 Ena road, in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. Of all the Oahu tattoo shops; 434 Tattoo has received the Custom Tattooing Studio of the Year awarded by the Consumer Business Review. 5 years in a row. We are conveniently located in a popular area of Honolulu right down the road from The Irish Rose Sallon; close to the Wailana Coffee House (R.I.P); next door to the Delicious Japanese restaurant Aloha Kitchen. You can easily get to our Waikiki Tattoo Parlor via; Walking, City bus, Trolley, or Taxi.

For dedicated tattoo collectors; Keep in mind we are the only shop on Oahu to offer traditional tebori & American Hand Poked

Tattoo therapy.

** Private sessions only. Please inquire.


You will find our prices to be the most realistic because we focus on doing it for the love and when you do what you love, the money follows.  Give our Hawaii Custom Tattoos Parlor and place of Happiness a call today for your free consultation and to schedule an appointment with one of our talented team members and Hawaii Tattoo Artists. Since our Honolulu, Hawaii Tattoo Shop uses YOUR vision to create the design, each Original Tattoo is tailored to fit your tastes and desires with each price being truly unique and one of a kind. Small designs, full back tattoos, sleeves, and more are all customized in house from your own ideas ranging from Polynesian & Asian Tattoos to Old & New School Tattoos, all made to suit your Custom Tattoo styles.

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